This Is The Most Tearjerking Reaction I’ve Ever Seen. What She Saw Her Dog Do Is Indescribable.

Medically speaking, no genuine treatments have been discovered to clearly stop or reduce the devastating effect of Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). However certain approaches have been revealed mostly on the internet to tackle its progression but no scientific evidence has proven their efficacy. Dogs with DM are still on a grave outlook. However, credible measures such as physical rehabilitation, good nursing care, proper monitoring for urinary infections and pressure sore prevention have proven to be effective in treating canine DM. the use of carts and harnesses have shown to increase mobility.

This was the case with Sammi, who recently suffered from Degenerative Myelopathy in the neck and suddenly became quadriplegic. So, as a way of sourcing and finding proper rehabilitation support for him, California Animal Rehabilitation was contacted by his owners so as the provide the needed professional care for him.

Although everyone hoped for a miracle to occur but physically observing the trend of things, this dream was far from fetching. Sammi experienced a hard time recuperating; he was obviously passing through hell as they tried to assist him with physical therapy as shown in the first video.

However in the second video, a family member could not hold back the tears in her eyes when she surprising saw Sammi in good health, strength and agility as he came to greet her. She was unbelievably taken aback by the way and manner the dog recovered.

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