Teddy The Sweet Little Dog Plays In The Rain For The First Time

Dogs always seem to amuse us in some way, but Teddy takes the cake in the rain. While most doggies could do without getting wet, this little French bulldog welcomes it with open paws.

Teddy is incredibly amused while he jumps around in curiosity with a steady pour of rain on the back patio. It’s just amazing for us to watch. It’s hilarious to see him prance about. He almost appears as if he’s dancing because he’s so happy, especially when he tries to get a running start and is stuck in place because of the slippery patio!

He gets so excited at times, he has to take a break. His moment of stillness is hilarious, but as Teddy just stands and bathes for several seconds to “cool off” from his jumping session, his human couldn’t hold back a smile. OK, Teddy, do you know you’re being filmed? I think he does. It’s just too funny of a performance!

It’s no wonder his master is equally amused. He’s laughing throughout the video, while playful Teddy keeps at his curious jaunt. If only we adults could take the time to be so carefree and whimsical in the rain. These two are lucky to have each other!

It’s always amazing to watch an animal enjoy life in a beautiful forever home, and it really seems like Teddy loves exactly where he is.


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