When This Teen Girl Was Attacked By A Black Bear, Her Brave Dog Saved The Day

While taking her dog out for an evening walk near her Florida home, 15-year-old Leah Reeder came face to face with a much bigger beast: a black bear.

The teen was distracted by her cell phone when the bear made its way to her and began attacking. After screaming for help, she remembered what she had learned in school and played dead despite how much pain she was in. As soon as she became quiet, the bear stopped thrashing. However, she wasn’t completely in the clear as it continued to scratch and paw at her.

The bear then began dragging Reeder further into the woods. Her dog wasn’t going to let that happen. Ralph, a 25 pound English springer spaniel, started barking at the giant black bear and it eventually broke its hold on Reeder. It fell into the ditch behind them and then ran off. After staying still for a little bit longer, Reeder used the opportunity to flee to her father’s house nearby.

Watch the video to hear about the heroic pup and his grateful owner.

[youtube id=”BEGPnBT6F6c”]

This is the latest in a recent surge of brutal bear attacks, six fatalities have been reported this year alone nationwide. Reeder and her family couldn’t be more glad Ralph was there to save the day this time.

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