This Teen Loves Her Dog So Much That She Made Her a Matching Prom Dress

Brenda Sierra loves her little dog, and brings her every place that will allow her. Though she wasn’t allowed to bring Sasha to the prom, she made her a matching dress and took tons of cute pictures before she went.

“She’s like my best friend – I do everything with her,” Brenda said of the lass she adopted from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.  “Anywhere that a dog is allowed, I bring her.”

She wanted to bring Sasha with her to the prom, but understandably couldn’t.  So she did the next best thing:  made her a matching dress out of fabric scraps and included her in pre-prom photos.

“When I bought my prom dress and saw that my dress had a lot of fabric that needed to be cut off, it came to me that I HAD to include Sasha in my prom photos,” she told PEOPLE.

“When I got my dress hemmed I asked the lady to save all the extra fabric for me and with scissors and a hot glue gun I made the dress with a little help from my mom.”

Most dogs aren’t too keen on being repeatedly stuffed into clothes for numerous fittings, but the seven-year-old rescue took it all in stride.

“I had to keep taking it on and off of her.  She was really obedient,” Brenda explained.

Sasha had a blast getting all the attention during the photoshoot

“She was really happy with everyone,” Brenda said.  “She was running around in the dress.”

Brenda’s friend and date, Rodney Sesler, not only didn’t mind sharing the spotlight with the adorable doxie, he wanted pictures taken with her, too.

“I requested photos alone with [Sasha],” he told BuzzFeed News.

The photos quickly went viral on Twitter, with some folks even wanting to take Sasha to their own proms.  But who knows – maybe all this attention will make it possible for Brenda to bring her dog to her own big event.

“A lot of the comments I’ve received include ‘you have to bring her to your graduation’ so I’m currently trying to make her a cap and gown to match mine,” she told PEOPLE.

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