Ten Dog Breeds You Had No Idea Existed

Did you know that there were dogs that were bred to hunt for rodents in mines? Or that the Spanish Mastiff was brought to Spain by the Ancient Greeks as a war dog? What about the dog that were bred to hunt bears? Yikes! What if the dog loses to the bear? In any case, have you heard of ANY of these breed of dogs featured here?

Like for most of you, it’s a first for me too. In fact, I’ve never heard nor seen them in my whole life at all! I liked most of them but I can’t quite get over the others! Loved the Pumi’s ears – it’s used to express love, how bout that!

Evolution sure has come a looooong way. Animals change in looks to adapt to the environment they live in but to breed them to do stuff, well that’s a totally different thing altogether and not really my cuppa tea. Share this to other dog lovers, I’m sure they’ll find this video interesting too!

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