Tennessee State Trooper Earns Injured Dog’s Trust Through Acts Of Kindness Before Rescuing Her

A good Samaritan spotted an injured dog on the side of the highway in Tennessee and decided to risk getting a ticket to help save her.

Kaye Fiorello was headed to an appointment when she noticed that dog that was clearly in distress. She immediately turned around and headed back to a turnout where she just spotted a trooper to ask for help.

She shared her experience on Facebook and the story has gone viral. She posted, ‘I turned in and the trooper was still there! Yay! He rolled down his window and said “yep! I’m here” to which i told him about the dog and I didn’t want a ticket, but if I could help that dog, it was fine by me. He just asked where the dog was and was on his way!’

State Trooper Pumpy Tudors arrived to find the dog panting excessively due to the sweltering heat.

The dog was clearly in need of water, so Trooper Tudors emptied his Kool-Aid and made a water bowl out of the jug. He proceeded to pour several bottles of water into the jug.

Fiorello recalled, “The dog was scared of him, but frozen in weakness. She sniffed the water, then realized this kindness was for her! She drank that water down in minutes!”

The dog appeared to have been hit by a car and needed medical care. Trooper Tudor decided to earn the dog’s trust before attempting to rescue her. He went back to his vehicle and got a chair and umbrella to provide shade for the dog as he fed her a Little Debbie snack.

“Telling me he will stay here until she trusts him, so he can get her to a shelter, or take her home. I believe his being there at the right time, was one of those little messages reminding us of the good in our world,” wrote Fiorello.

Once the injured pup realized that the trooper was there to help, he was able lift her into his car and bring her to Cleveland TN Animal Control. She arrived with serious injuries but is slowly improving under the care of a vet.

Animal Control posted, “She was struck by a vehicle and sustained head trauma and possible hip and pelvis fracture. Also heat exhaustion. As of this morning she’s a little more stable.”

Trooper Tudors hopes to adopt the sweet pup after she has recovered.

Tennessee Highway Patrol shared the touching moment on Facebook and urged all pet owners to take extra caution during hot summer days, “please make sure your pets are safe from the heat and have plenty of water.”

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