Terminally Ill Army Dog Is Honored By Her Humans Is The Most Powerful Way

Dogs serve a special purpose within our daily lives, but their impact can be felt even more so within the industries they so bravely work for. Whether it’s a police dog, a service animal helping the sick, or, in the story you’re about to hear, a military pup, these animals are more than just adorable companions – they are hardworking co-workers who stand side by side their human counterparts, trying to make the world a better place.

Daysi is a military dog who has worked with hundreds of men and women in the US Army’s 802nd Security Squadron. When the loyal K-9 was suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer, her team’s heart was broken. The sad reality of this brave girl’s condition meant that her life would have be cut short to limit further pain.

To honor all the work she had done, and to show how much they loved and appreciated her, Daysi’s grieving humans decided to send her off in the most admirable way possible. Watch the heartbreaking video below to see these dear friends say goodbye one last time.

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