Terrified dog freaked out after being returned to shelter – she needs a loving home

Imagine being held in a small, frightening kennel run at a busy animal shelter and then being adopted. Imagine that beautiful moment of walking out of the shelter environment, hopping in a car and joining a home. Fast forward five days and imagine the terror of being walked BACK into the same shelter that you were just freed from.

A gorgeous German shepherd named Bailey knew those few moments of freedom, but she was returned and now she is terrified to be back where she started. The young shepherd, just a year of age, is being held at the Ramona Humane Society and she is terrified.

Bailey’s fear

Bailey has every reason to be afraid – she needs out of this animal shelter by November 20. An advocate writes:

NEEDS OUT NOW …I am re-posting!! She freaked out in her kennel overnight she was trying to get out so bad she made herself bleed. She is now CODE RED FOR 11/20. ID 146312 This is beautiful BAILEY she was adopted and returned after 5 days…she is a wonderful dog…she likes other dogs, cats and kids, but she is a escape artist ….she just needs the right home . Please help this stunning beautiful girl get out


Imagine this beautiful shepherd in a loving home. Imagine her joining her new owner for walks and playtime. Imagine her enjoying Thanksgiving in a house, instead of a kennel run. Imagine her living the life she was meant to live.

You can help make Bailey’s future a reality by taking a moment to share her adoption information. Facebook thread for Bailey here.

RAMONA HUMANE SOCIETY 690 Humane Way, San Jacinto, CA Please call the shelter for more info at 951 654-8002 x 4 open 7 days a week… please contact the rescue coordinator Jose by email at ramonarescue@yahoo.com.

Identification number 146312

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