Terrified pup left chained to lamppost in freezing cold

A terrified pup was left chained to a lamppost in the freezing cold on Friday. The dog had been abandoned on Esher Road in Kingstanding, United Kingdom.

According to the Express, the dog was too scared to let anyone approach, but residents in the area were able to give him a bowl of water.

“This poor dog was tied with a choke chain and was absolutely terrified. He was really nervous but I was able to safely coax him into a kennel using a grasping pole,” stated RSPCA Officer Vic Hurr.

The dog was taken to a local veterinary hospital where he turned from scared to loving and sweet. Veterinarians who examined him stated he was in relatively good health and other than being frightened and hungry, he is doing well. Now police and the RSPCA want to know who dumped him in a most inhumane manner, and then walked away.

Anyone with information is asked to notify the RSPCA at  0300 123 8018.

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Sweet doggie love

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