Terrified Puppy Found Living Outside Learns How To Trust Again

When Kita’s owner passed away, she was left to fend for herself on acres of property outside. Even though she was just a puppy, she was all alone and had no one to care for her.

Eventually, help arrived in the form of Cross Your Paws animal rescue. They were alerted to Kita’s situation and knew they needed to step up and help.

Rescuers found Kita “soaking wet and terrified” on the property. They had to use a cage to trap her because she was so afraid of people.

It was clear that Kita would need a loving, supportive foster home to stay with temporarily and that’s exactly what she got.

According to The Dodo, when Kita first arrived at her foster home, she was so afraid and unsure. She wouldn’t make eye contact with her foster parents and would “freeze” when taken outside.

She was afraid of walks, afraid of playing, afraid of pretty much everything! Her foster family wasn’t going to give up on her though and they worked patiently with her to help her adjust to her new life. Kita stayed with her foster family for two weeks before finding a forever family to call her own.

While Kita decompressed a lot in her first few weeks in foster care, she still had a long way to go. Speaking with The Dodo, Kita’s adoptive mom explained that when they first got her, she had “no interest” in going outside or taking walks.

Kita was “very very scared,” but her new puppy siblings helped her adjust to life in her new environment. She’s slowly come out of her shell and learned to be trusting and confident with her new siblings and family. Now, she’s like a whole new dog!

Check out the video below:

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