Thank God For This Woman! Watch Her Rescue A Dog Tied To A Tree During A Bad Storm!

While watching the following video I was thinking to myself that there are good people in this world still. I know that we rarely see videos like the one below, but it is something isn’t it? When you all see what this woman did to save this poor dog, you will clap for her same as I did. She saved a dog who was tied up to a tree during a really bad storm.

The person who uploaded the video on Youtube wrote: “Denver, CO July 7, 2011- Went to shut my front window because water was coming in when I saw that somebody left this dog tied to a tree. It had been nearly ten minutes since the rain and hail started. Thank goodness my neighbor acted on behalf of this innocent babe. =(”


As you will see in the video below, the woman runs outside of the house to save the poor dog tied up to the tree. She struggles to loosen up the leash, but since it was really tight, she runs inside to grab a pair of scissors. As soon as she gets back outside in the storm, she cuts the leash, and gets the dog inside with her.

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