The Ball Is Right Beside Him… But This Dog Just Can’t See It!

Some dogs are fascinated by mirrors. In fact, when they see their own reflection they think it’s another dog staring right back at them! We especially loved that video of a Boxer wearing a costume and barking at his own reflection in the mirror! And let’s not forget that video of a cute Corgi pup who saw herself in the mirror for the first time! That was so adorable!

Now this dog seems to be having issues with the mirror too. He’s looking for his ball, but all he sees is the ball’s reflection on the mirror. He couldn’t see that the ball is just right beside him! He keeps on scratching the mirror to get his ball! Poor doggy! Watch the hilarious video below!

Awww…poor thing! But I’m pretty sure he’s gonna learn about the mirror sooner or later.

Do you have any videos of your dog having issues with the mirror? Share your videos with us! Or share your stories in the comment section below!

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