The Bear-scaring dog reacted in the sweetest possible way to a fawn

Mishka is a service dog, whose job is to scare bears. Is not what you think. Her job is to bark at bears and scare them away when they have become way too familiar with human’s. Differently put: “Mishka is wildlife service dog, who is specially trained to help recondition habituated bears.”  They explained Mishka’s job as a service to bears. They have to get back to the wildlife, and if they stay with human’s they will not be able to get adjusted to their natural environment easily after a smooth experience. The Bear-scaring dog reacted in the sweetest possible way to a fawn.

The thing is that Mishka is not a wild dog, or harsh, she is a sweet dog when she is off work. the video below will best explain the soft smooth soul of hers. When Mishka meets an orphaned fawn she reacts in the sweetest way possible. nce the fawn doesn’t know what is going on, she thinks Mishka is her mommy. Little did she know that Mishka was far away from being her mother, but she will never know. The way Mishka reacted towards the fawn is just too adorable. She started licking the poor abandoned creature, making her feel safe.

You will see in the video that pretty soon the two of them become very close. The orphan fawn started chasing Mishka wherever she went. She wanted to be with her “mommy” anytime of the day. Wherever Mishka was, the little fawn would be there two. it is really adorable to think that Mishka let her get so close. I am really glad  that dogs like Mishka exist. These dogs make these poor creatures feel less lonely. We really have to apploud Mishka for being such a great foster parent. You are the best Mishka!!

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