The Bigger They Are…The More They Want To Be In Your Lap!

So in the video Coco, the giant Bernese dog, gets of her owner just so she can get a little bit of love, no matter what. Since she weighs more than what her owner does the poor man simply gets trapped underneath her, but he simply stays there and gives her the love she deserves to get.

As a matter of fact, the man in the video must really, really love the dog as he doesn’t really complain a lot about having her on top of him, even though he probably feels like the blood in his legs is about to flow away and never come back.

As for Coco, she probably thinks she is a Chihuahua or that she doesn’t weight anything at all, since she just gets on top of her owner and demands to get some love, whether he likes it or not. Lucky for her, he does like it and obeys her commands.

You can see in the video that Coco’s papa is almost completely covered by Coco herself, but he barely moves away, he is there just loving Coco like everything is all right. At a certain point, we can tell they even try to get her off, but Coco isn’t going anywhere until she gets her much needed and deserved love. Until then, papa is just going to have to deal with it.

There is another giant Bernese dog in the video that, unfortunately for him, actually gets a little bit jealous of Coco because she is getting all the love form papa and he isn’t getting anything at all, but mama makes sure he doesn’t feel too bad and lets him know that she loves him as well.

We just hope that every time one of these two lovely dogs wants a little bit of attention and love, that he actually gets it. They deserve and this is clearly a very happy family shown in this video. May it continue to be like this forever.


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