The Dog Sits Down Beside Dad. Now Keep Your Eyes On His Paw…

Oh this is the most adorable video I’ve watched today! The whole world meet Buddy, a rescued Staffordshire bull terrier who knows exactly what he wants in life – belly rubs, lots and lots of belly rubs! So every time he sits by his daddy, he grabs his daddy’s hand and demands belly rubs because after all, he is free!

It’s true that dogs like belly rubs, especially rescue dogs, and you probably know why. Rescue dogs, they’ve missed out on all the love, care, cuddles and belly rub so it’s only fair that they get their fair share of cuddles and belly rubs! So here’s a video of this adorable rescue dog who’s just wanting some belly rubs and the best part? His daddy doesn’t mind!

Take a look at this video!

[iframe id=”” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”650″]

This is adorable, isn’t it? I can only imagine what this fur ball is thinking when he’s getting that belly rubbed! More and more and more! Share away, people!

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