The frail pup braved the outdoors under a pipe for 72 hours. A feral canine and a young vet became the lifeline for the baby’s survival

In the struggle for survival, a little pup found itself tucked beneath a heating conduit. With the harsh elements of the open streets as its cradle for three continuous days, the baby had relinquished all hope of rescue, waiting for the inevitable. Exhaustion had sapped her strength to the point where she could no longer whimper, and her feeble attempts at cries were dismissed by passersby. As her tiny eyes refused to open, my assistant, by chance, spotted her.

A tiny pup, in a desperate bid for shelter, hid herself under the heating conduit. After spending three relentless days exposed in the heart of the street, the young one had surrendered all hopes and was merely biding time until the end. Her energy had dwindled to such an extent that even her pitiful cries went unheard and unnoticed.

In an unexpected turn of events, my assistant discovered the pup when her eyes refused to stay open. En route home from work, the sight of a motionless, muck-covered creature beneath the pipe caught her attention. The little one seemed beyond hope when she made the call. Without any second thoughts, we rushed to a veterinary facility. The saying “Better late than never” echoed in our minds.

Upon examination, the veterinarian declared that the chances of her survival were bleak, and we were in a race against time. “Find a donor,” he advised, cautioning that even this might not secure her survival. The results were not merely distressing, but alarmingly absent.

Promptly, I contacted a volunteer residing within the same premises as some of our previously rescued animals, and implored him to bring someone willing to help. This tiny wonder had to pull through!

We resolved that Linda, a large, gorgeous dog who had endured hardships in her life, would be the lifesaver for our little one.

I had a fervent hope that this would be beneficial. The vets performed the procedure, yet I was gripped with the fear of getting a call from the clinic. However, destiny had other plans for our little one. Linda became the beacon of hope for the infant. An older dog’s noble sacrifice breathed life into her! It was nothing short of a miracle!

Upon my arrival, the little one greeted me with a wagging tail and flashed

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