The Heartbreaking Story of Feyda: Adopted and Abandoned by a Deceitful Owner

Feyda was adopted by a man who pledged to nurture and heal him. However, during one of my visits to Feyda, I was met with a sight I had never anticipated.

When Feyda was first brought to me, we jointly took him to the hospital and, over time, thanks to the love and efforts of many, Feyda started to heal and rediscover joy. The fresh joy he now experiences is a testament to his resilience.

Read some positive comments:

Many extended their blessings and gratitude for aiding in Feyda’s recovery and for helping him find a warm, loving home. It was acknowledged that Feyda needed not just medication, but also loving care, which was generously provided. It’s delightful to see the joy in his eyes, his beaming smile, and his wagging tail.

There were remarks appreciating Feyda’s progress. One user commented, “That doggo is doing great. I’m so glad to see him in a much better condition than before.”

Another commented, “Thank you for saving this little one. We are all grateful for your efforts! He looks fantastic now.”

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