The Heartbreaking Tale of a Puppy and its Eternal Vigil by a Roadside Drain Cover

A heartrending story of a puppy waiting for its departed parents on a roadside drain cover reminds us that animals too, experience the pain of loss.

Losing loved ones can be painful and hard to come to terms with. The following story brings into light this aspect of life, not from a human perspective, but from the viewpoint of a puppy.

A netizen recently shared the melancholy tale of a months-old puppy. This puppy, unlike other pups its age, did not frolic or play. Instead, it was observed to consistently sit quietly on a drain cover. Initially, passersby didn’t take much notice. However, as days passed, the puppy continued to occupy the same spot, displaying an aura of sadness and depression.

On realizing the puppy had no owner, the netizen decided to take it home. But after a few days, the puppy exhibited an unusual behavior. It consistently returned to the same drain cover, quietly maintaining its vigil and occasionally letting out a whimper.

The netizen finally came to know the real story behind the puppy’s behavior when a pedestrian familiar with the puppy remarked, “Is this puppy still here?” Apparently, the puppy’s parents had been struck by a car during a hit-and-run incident while they were crossing the road. The mother died on the drain cover, where a kind resident later buried her.

Since that tragic incident, the puppy, who the netizen had named Xiaobai, regularly returned to the drain cover, possibly waiting for its parents. This touching behavior serves as a poignant reminder that animals, too, experience emotions, even if they can’t express them like humans.

Xiaobai seems to be grappling with the reality of its loss, possibly unsure of what death means and unaware that its parents will never return. Its persistent vigil by the drain cover is a heartbreaking testament to its profound sense of loss. But, thankfully, with its new owner, Xiaobai has found a lifeline. Despite the irreplaceable absence of its parents, it is expected to recover and continue living.

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