The Kind Butcher Every Day Leaves Leftovers Outside The Store For Stray Dogs

What remarkable awareness these strays exhibit.

In a heartwarming scene, stray dogs can be seen rummaging through a butcher shop’s leftovers. They cautiously approach the box and each grab a few bones. Each dog seems to only carry a small bone with them, but what stands out is their sense of community and care for one another.

An elderly Golden Retriever is seen ambling over to the treat box, picking up a bone, and then sauntering off. Another dog, seeming timid and fearful, approaches next. A third dog wags his tail in glee, as if he can’t believe his good fortune.

This video was originally uploaded to TikTok by user @ugursa_ in March 2021 and has since gone viral across social media platforms, including Facebook and Reddit.

Observing these strays has led to various insights into their behavior. A local attorney in Puerto Rico, who has watched the butcher distribute chicken carcasses to the dogs, remarked that the majority of the strays were timid, respectful, and had learned not to intrude into the home. He also noted that bones, particularly chicken bones, are a dog’s ultimate favorite treat. He conjectured that most of these dogs won’t eat again for two days, so it’s clear they’re excited about these pieces of meat.

There has been some concern about the dogs potentially getting hurt by eating bones. However, it’s important to note that cooked bones are often more dangerous because they can splinter and cause internal damage. The bones given by the butcher appear to be raw, discarded parts.

There has been some debate about the location where the video was filmed, but one Reddit user recognized a Turkish company’s logo on a cardboard box in the background and identified the location as Turkey.

According to another Reddit user, stray cats and dogs are treated quite well in most Turkish cities. They are usually inspected, tagged, and returned to their original neighborhood by the city. They also receive regular checkups with the vet. It is common for food and water bowls to be left out for them, and many restaurants look after them. Butchers and seafood counters frequently give their leftovers to these homeless animals.

Some researchers have even found that “cats practically govern the city of Istanbul.” One person shared a story about a cat that walked up to him and started nibbling on his chicken finger until the server told him which sauce the cat preferred. It’s heartening to see that these animals receive such good care, but it’s also heartbreaking to know that some of them have to endure harsh weather conditions by spending the night outdoors.

There are many compassionate butchers in Turkey, similar to the one featured in the video. For instance, Ikram Korkmazer, also from Turkey, is known to be very kind to animals. It’s not uncommon for customers to bring their pets to his store in search of food. He gained attention when a video of a customer’s cat begging for a treat by leaning on his counter went viral.

Korkmazer also has a group of dogs waiting outside his shop, eager to get their paws on some food. In another video, a dog wags his tail expectantly as he waits for a plate of food.

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