The most beautiful puppies were born under a shipping container and now they need a home.

This whole story is amazing because we were actually called to rescue two other dogs in the Los Angeles River, but luckily, Loreta spotted Candy running in the park.

After saving the first two dogs, we went to investigate and discovered a whole family – mom and babies. We didn’t have the proper equipment for such rescue, so we drove with the two dogs from the river to the hospital, then continued back to the office, grabbed our equipment and drove back to the location… a 3 hour round trip just to get back there. You will have to watch the rest of the story to see what happens next and of course I will ask you to come back on Saturday for a dangerously epic rescue video!

Special thanks to our friends at Foxy and the Hounds for fostering this family. If you would like to adopt Candy, Skittles, Hershey, Bubblegum or Licorice, please contact them directly at:

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