The Reason This Dog Is Wandering Around A Funeral Home Will Have You In Tears

Losing a loved one is never easy. Whether you see it coming in old age or it’s a total surprise, there’s little you can do to soften the blow to your own life.

Then, in the midst of a loss, the responsibility of planning a funeral is thrust upon you, adding even more stress at a time when even the tiniest thing can serve as the last straw. This stress, however, can be relieved.

That’s where Seger, a chocolate Labrador, comes in. Once on a path to become a service dog, he found that simply wasn’t the life for him…he liked having time to relax, play with people, and do simple tricks for treats. So where did he go from there? He became a permanent fixture at Duffield & Pastrick Family Funeral Home in Coloma, Michigan, where he eases the sadness and stress that comes with planning a family member’s final goodbye.

He’s an extremely valuable member of the staff!

Having a dog around can make almost anything better. Even in the toughest of times, a wagging tail and a smiley, sometimes drooling face can be enough of a distraction to put a smile on your own face, too.

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