The Top 10 Litterboxes And Accessories Your Pet Really Wants This Year

Home is where the heart is, but the litter box is certainly a close second.

When your cat does its business, is it in comfort? Is it in style? Some cats prefer more for a potty than a humble plastic box, and we’ve found several options that fit the bill.

If you want your pet to pee or poop in a litter box, and look good doing it, check out these chic choices.

Way Basics Eco Friendly Modern Cat Litter Box

This letterbox is perfect for your little Don Drapurr or Pawggy Lipton. The mid-century modern style is quite fashionable, even for the most image conscious cats.

10. ecoFlex Litter Loo

This litter box doubles as an end table so you have a place for your light reading while your pet uses the potty below. It’s the height of efficiency.

9. PawHut 2-Story Indoor/Outdoor Wood Cat House Shelter

There’s no reason your pet should have to choose between going big and going home. This option is for those who prefer both. This outdoor shelter provides space for a cat letterbox below, with room for a lookout, or perhaps a kitty cocktail party, above.

8. ATDAWN Cat Litter Box

Some cats prefer the convenience of an upper entrance, rather than sauntering into the loo from the front door. It’s a little less obvious, and a perfect choice for the discerning pet.

7. Petsfit Espresso Double-Decker Pet House Litter Box

This design has room for two furry friends to sit and converse, while one gets down to business. It doubles as a nightstand, which is perfect if you find the sounds and smells of litter being scratched while you sleep.

6. New Age Pet Scoopy The Cat Litter Scoop Holder

No litterbox is complete without a good scoop, but do you put it when it’s not in use? This scoop holder offers an option, and a sleek one at that.

You will impress your friends, feline or otherwise, with a helpful accessory like this.

5. PawHut Solid Wood 4-Floor Cat Condo

Families with several cats may be interested in this 4-floor design. This cat condo has hiding spaces, room for a litter box, and ledges and lookouts for multiple animals to enjoy. They can even invite their friends over for a potty party.

4. PetSafe Disposable Cat Litter Box

This convenient collapsible design is perfect for traveling with a cat. Once the business is done, simply toss the whole thing out. And, because it’s made of cardboard, this litterbox is fully compostable, and won’t contribute to plastic pollution.

3. PetFusion ModestCat Litter Box Privacy Screen

Not ever cat cares about privacy in the bathroom, but some won’t have it any other way. This privacy screen will restore your cat’s dignity while she answers nature’s call.

It’s sizable enough to mask even the most ample pets, and fashionable enough to leave out when company arrives.

2. Mable Ruth Ottoman Pet House

Taking care of a pet can be hard work. This ottoman litterbox design lets you put your feet up while your cat does its duty in the space within.

According to the seller, “Lightweight and sturdy construction supports a variety of pet activity and will support up to approximately 175 lbs, which makes it a nice soft bench as well.”

1. CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

This litterbox sets itself far apart from the others, not just for its innovative self-cleaning system, but for its striking likeness to a toilet.

Perhaps this will prove to be a small training exercise on the way to getting your cat to use the same potty as you.


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