The tribute this owner did in honor of his dog is everything. R.I.P Harper

Everyone who has a dog already, knows that loosing you dog can be the hardest thing to get over. A dog is a dog, or he is everything you could ever wish for. Dogs are loving, caring, happy by nature, very loyal, and great friends for your mind, and your soul. Nothing can ever compare to the joy a dog can fill your heart with. Therefore, loosing a dog could be there hardest thing for some. Remember that some people have only their pets as life companions. So when life drives apart once from his os her pet, then life will never be the same.

I guess whoever has been through the same as this guy, can easily understand the tribute this guys paid to his dog. IT is really sad to see that someone as happy, and joyful as Harper to pass away. I can only imagine the emptiness this loss has left behind. I troy hope this guy will finally feel in peace because his puppy is in a better place now for sure. I can imagine that loosing a loved one, can surely be difficult. But I also have to say that when they pass away because it is time for them to go, then we should just bare the idea that something better might be waiting for them.

I would very kindly invite you to watch the tribute video of Harper, and tell us your pure opinions. Can you tell how much this dog changed the life to this man? Life was not the same when she was not in it, and now that she has left, life will be worse for this poor man. I truly wish him an easy recovery, and a peaceful life to his dog Harper. She really looks like a good companion.

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