The Unusual Trick This Dog Learned Shows Just How Good Of A Sport She Is

Are you a football (soccer) fan? Well if you are, then you’re gonna enjoy this! Even if you’re not a soccer fan, I’m sure you will love this too! And if you play soccer, and you need a goalie in your team, then you should watch what this dog can do! She has some soccer skills that will wow the crowd!

Everyone, meet Purin the Beagle! Purin was taught by her owners how to be a soccer goalie! And ever since then, she has been practicing to be a better goalkeeper! In the video below, she’s showing off her awesome soccer skills that will have you cheering for her! She can stop and block almost every ball! She’s even wearing a cute soccer outfit to match! Watch the video and see what this amazing soccer superstar can do!

Wow! Isn’t she amazing?! Not only is she an amazing goalie, she’s a very good dog too! She even helps her dad clean up and gather the balls when they’re done playing!

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