Their Dog Disappeared Each Afternoon And They Just Figured Out Why.

What a sweet and loving friendship this Schnauzer and her best friend, a North Swedish horse has together! You might think that they are just “horsing around” but I reckon it’s a testimony to the fact that, even though we are different, we can still learn to live peacefully, in friendship and in love with one another. We just have to make an effort to nurture our friendship, just like these two.

All too often we allow our differences to get the better of us. Each country has different cultures, customs and norms. Once we can accept that and be understanding, then find a common ground so that we can all live in harmony; just like this dog and her best friend, the horse.

To be able to accept and celebrate our differences will surely go a long way in ensuring peace among peoples of the world. In our troubled times, it is the one thing that we need most; acceptance. Share this with other dog lovers and inspire them to live in harmony with those of different races!

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