Their Dog Ran Up To A Wild Deer And What Happened Next Broke The Laws Of Nature

“And so Madame, you’re back in my territory once again, eh? You know, you’re not allowed here. You leave me no choice then, I need to chase you away…Eeeks! She’s chasing me, she’s chasing meeee!! Okay, now we’re chasing each other – this is funnnn!!”

Cute little pup, he actually thought the doe was playing with him but it seemed like she was protecting her doe. It’s a good thing she never caught him otherwise, she could’ve hurt our cute little shop dog. Sometimes, no matter how good dogs’ instincts are, they too can’t sniff out the danger in a situation. Or maybe, they really are just friends and for them this is part of their work. “Same time tomorrow, George!” “Yup, see you Darlene!”

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