Therapy Dog Helps Comfort Firefighters Battling The Blazes In California

Firefighters have been braving wildfires for the last week as they spread across northern California, burning acres and acres of land and destroying everything in its path.

The firefighters are geared up with helmets and goggles and work around the clock to help get the fires under control. But fighting fires as dangerous as this one really takes a toll on them.

When their shift is over, they shower, eat and go to sleep so they can get up and do it all again. But the firefighters taking on the the Woodward Fire in Marin County now have a special way to unwind after their shifts.

Enter two-year-old Kerith the Golden Retriever, a certified crisis response therapy dog. Kerith is there to help to help bring smiles to the firemen’s faces during such a difficult time.

Kerith was bred to be a seeing-eye dog for the blind, but since she was so energetic and playful, they knew this wasn’t the right line of work for her.

That’s when the Carmen family adopted her as their pet, but since she was such an affectionate dog, they knew she would be perfect asa comfort dog.

She earned her certification and was soon visiting local hospitals to help comfort patients and medical staff. She has also visited fire stations in the past.

Now, she is working one-on-one with the firemen to help them feel less overwhelmed, exhausted and emotionally depleted.

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