There’s A Simple Way To Keep Your Dog Comfy When Trimming Her Nails

Many pet owners don’t know that their dogs need to have their nails clipped just like we do. If they break, it can cause pain or even infection, so it’s important to make sure that either you know how to cut your pup’s nails, or that you take her to the vet to have them professionally clipped.

Some dogs are very obedient and don’t mind the “pampering” at all…

But others need a little peanut butter distraction for you and a couple reinforcements to get the job done.


But let’s get to the nitty-gritty: DON’T use human clippers. The nail cutters below are specifically made for dogs.

3You should always do your best to avoid the quick.



The quick is where the blood supply starts, and if you nip it, you’ll get a lot of bleeding and a very unhappy canine.

Luckily, there are three easy ways to stop the bleeding should you accidentally cut too far into the nail.

1. Cornstarch and water


Mix the two together to make a paste. Then, use a Q-tip to apply it to the bleeding nail. Don’t wipe the blood away — just let the paste sit for a few minutes. The purpose is to coagulate the blood. If one layer doesn’t work, add another. (If you don’t have cornstarch, substitute flour or baking soda.)

2. Bar soap


Use a natural, preferably unscented bar of soap, and press your dog’s nail into it. Hold it there for about five minutes (maybe distracting them with some more peanut butter or treats…) and the bleeding should stop.

3. Styptic powder



This powder contains silver nitrate, which is the most effective way to stop bleeding. You can buy this at most pet stores, and all you have to do is dip the nail into the power and apply some pressure with a paper towel. This will sting a little, so if your pup is squeamish, you may want to try the more natural remedies first.

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