There’s Something You Don’t Know About Your Dog, And It’s Unbelievable

We all know that dogs have a thing with smelling, but we have not been able to find out what it is. At least not fully. In the video below you will find out the whole story behind a dog’s sense of smell, and I can tell you it is just amazing. You have no idea how incredible a dog’s nose is until you see the video below.

As the video describes, when dogs smell they are able to find out a whole story about the thing they are smelling. For example if they are smelling under a tree, they can find out who was there for the last time, what was it doing, and it which direction it went. Furthermore dogs have an incredible sense of smell that is almost 60 times stronger than ours. Dogs are also able to smell natural hormones that our bodies release. That is why they can understand when their owner is sad, mad, happy, or tired. Through that they react in the most suitable way possible.


But the story doesn’t end with that. dogs can tell when another animal is friendly or threatening. That is why they stay away from dangerous spots where snakes are hiding. They can also “see” the past, future, and many other things beyond our senses. For more information you should watch the video below. Only then you will be able to find out what an amazing sense of smell dogs have. Do not hesitate to share this video with all your friends or relatives who already own a dog. It will help them understand the world of a dog even more. In the meanwhile I hope you enjoy the amazing video as much as I did.


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