These Bikers Completely Stopped Traffic On A Busy Highway To Save A Terrified Dog

When you’re on a highway, chances are you’re in somewhat of a hurry to get wherever you’re headed. So to have the flow of traffic stopped, especially by a group of motorcycle riders, would probably not be an ideal part of your commute.

But you probably wouldn’t mind the slight inconvenience if it was all in the name of saving a dog, right? That’s exactly what happened in the video you’re about to watch.

A group of bikers in Brazil spotted a dog who had apparently jumped out of a car on a crowded highway (how terrifying!). Instead of carrying on with their ride and assuming it was someone else’s problem, the brave group formed a protective line with their vehicles to stop oncoming traffic in order to attempt to catch the petrified dog who was darting all over the road.

As a few of them tried to surround the dog and keep him out of harms way, others approached the scared pup and finally got him to safety. Such a terrifying situation for any dog lover to watch, but it’s so reassuring that there are still good people left who would go through such trouble to help an animal in need.

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