These Dogs Finally Get Their Forever Home And Their Response Is One You Don’t Want To Miss

So many dogs sit in shelters across the US, patiently, vulnerably waiting for their chance to experience the unconditional love of a family each of them deserves. Deciding to adopt means giving a dog a second chance, and if the video below is any indication, they definitely feel appreciative!

The video compilation, produced by The Dodo, features several rescue dogs leaving their shelters and heading home for the first time. Their reactions range from reluctantly excited to full blown ecstatic. They nuzzle up to their new owners and jump around for joy; they indulge in a window-down car ride and take it all in. One of the dogs in the video, a German Shepherd mix named Roxy, finds a forever home at 14 years-old! Incredible!

Footage like this is a great reminder of what a difference adoption can make in the lives of these abandoned, sweet pups. As you’re about to see, it doesn’t matter how old they are or what their history is…most of them just want an opportunity to love and be loved.

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