These Dogs On ‘Death Row’ Are Being Given An Amazing Second Chance…Wait Until You See How

It’s no secret that there are far too many dogs without a loving family to call their own. Shelters all across the US are overcrowded with abandoned, abused and hopeless dogs fighting for another day. Sadly, due to a severe lack of resources, many of these vulnerable animals are put to sleep.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! In addition to families and individual pet owners opening their homes and hearts by adopting these deserving pups, the dogs can also serve another productive purpose, one that fills their days with meaning, love and, most importantly, life.

Universal K9 is a San Antonio, TX-based organization that has saved about 100 dogs from euthanasia. How? Simple. The team of mainly Military-trained volunteers rescues shelter dogs, enrolls them in an intensive eight-week class and, after graduation, connects them with police departments needing K9 team members. Typically, police dogs are pure bred, and thus very expensive, but K9 recognizes that given the right tools and training, shelter dogs are an ideal, cost effective, humane alternative.

The video below features one dog who has undergone the organization’s program. Sadie is a sweet girl whose death seems imminent…until she gets this amazing second chance. Her transformation will leave you speechless!

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