These Dogs Show Us How To Sit Back & Relax

Miniature Schnauzers are feisty little dogs and these two show us just how intelligent they can be. Not only have they propped themselves up in their human’s rocking chairs, one of them is even rocking away! Their human reports this particular pup has had a long day of barking and chasing squirrels, typical for any Miniature Schnauzer. So now it’s time to sit back and relax, people style! Although a Schnauzer type, this breed is considered to be a terrier and certainly has the personality to suit. They’re known for being active, playful and spirited and this video proves that the breed makes an excellent and entertaining companion. It looks like the humans are going to have to find somewhere else to sit!

Dogs are incredibly smart and we just love how much these two enjoy figuring out the rocking chairs. Special thanks to Kyoot Animals for putting out this adorable video!

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