These Dogs Were Born Without Front Legs. Now They’re Given A New Lease In Life!

In Olympia Washington, two dogs born without front legs were given a new lease in life when they were given a new set of wheels. Brother and sister Honey and Badger are Fox Terriers and both of them didn’t have front legs when they were born.

Their owner, Patti Mauldin of Valhalla Canine Rescue have tried outfitting them with a standard set of chair-style dog wheels, but they didn’t like wearing them, and it just didn’t give them the comfort and ease to move around well. Fortunately, some kind souls stepped in and offered them some help. Random Owens and Garth Knapp of Sound Prosthetics gave the poor dogs a custom set of wheels! Watch the video below and see Honey and Badger move around with their new wheels!

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