These Dogs Were Skeletons When Rescuers Came, But They Learned How To Smile Again

Not too long ago, the Chicago Police Department found two very skinny dogs in an abandoned building. Luckily, after the force removed them from their horrid home, they called the Trio Animal Foundation and asked for help getting them to an emergency room.

Here they are with the group of police who found them.


Emmy weighed just over 20 pounds, and was too weak to walk, or even stand, so she took a seat on Oscar. Sadly, he wasn’t in any better shape.


They were severely anemic, with high white blood cell counts, and were unbelievably dehydrated. This is what happens when someone enters starvation mode.


The hospital started them on IV fluids, in addition to slowly feeding them a diet consisting of many small, high-fat meals. Too much food at once makes organ failure a distinct possibility.

Soon enough, these pups were no longer bags of bones, but actual, warm-blooded canines.


Emmy even found her forever home while she was bouncing back from this tragedy…


One of her vet techs, Anthony, had formed quite a bond with the spunky fighter. He used to carry her around on his shoulders when she didn’t want him to leave her side and was too weak to walk around.


When Trio came to pick her up from the hospital, Anthony teared up, knowing that he couldn’t possibly give up this amazing bond. He took her home that day!

Oscar is healthy as can be, too…


And he’s ready to be adopted! He’ll need a home that will keep up with all of the hard work he’s put into training, as he has some residual trust issues that he needs to work through. Who can blame him? This tragedy is enough to make any pooch skeptical and cautious of humans. But generally, he’s a happy, well-behaved dog who simply needs a loving home.

We wish Oscar only the best, and hope that his adorable smile gets bigger by the day — we imagine he’ll find his forever home in no time! If you think he’s a good fit for your family, here’s how to look into adopting him.

And if you’d like to see more happy endings like this, you can donate to the Trio Animal Foundation to help support more recoveries for deserving dogs!

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