These Laboratory Dogs Lived A Life Of Hell Until This Very Moment

Imagine spending your entire life in a metal cage. Never experiencing the warmth of the sun’s rays shining upon your face. Or feeling the sensation of grass under your bare feet. To not even be given a name, only a number tattooed on your ear. Such was the life for nine unlucky Beagles. But a life…it was not.

The dogs were to be destroyed. They had served their purpose. No longer could they be used by the research lab. So a call was made to Animal Rescue Media Education. Volunteers from ARME sprang into action, taking all nine dogs with the hope of finding them a better life…a home.

As the dogs were loaded into the ARME van, you could see the sadness in their eyes. The uncertainty of what was to come next weighing on their tiny hearts. But soon the dogs would experience the one thing that they never thought possible – freedom.

The volunteers took the Beagles to a nearby park where they were allowed to walk freely for the first time. But the wary dogs were too afraid to journey out into this strange new world. Some ten minutes passed and finally one of the dogs took its first step into what would be its new life. Shortly thereafter, others followed until one by one all of the dogs were experiencing freedom for the first time.

Just as these dogs were finally freed and able to experience a life of happiness, so too are countless other dogs…waiting to be rescued…to be freed. Share this video with others. If even one person is moved to support a rescue or give a dog a new home then there is hope.

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