These Pups Are Defying The Odds Even With Physical Obstacles. Wow.

Yesterday, we featured three superdogs who wowed everyone with their impressive canine skills! From doing flips, to jumping from on top of the roof, their skills are definitely jaw-dropping!

But it’s not just superdogs who are stealing the show. These so-called underdogs may not have the skills that superdogs have, but they have the beauty, the charisma, the strength, and the spirit to win the hearts of many. These resilient dogs have defied the odds and survived despite their physical obstacles.

First off, we have Milly–a lb. Chihuahua who fits into a teacup! Milly stands at 3.8 inches tall; she’s shorter than a soda can!

Next is Pig, the sweet 1-year-old dog who has a fused spine. Despite his spinal condition, pig is an adorable, happy, and loving dog!

Last but not least is Duncan, the two-legged Boxer! Duncan learned how to walk using his two legs, and he is one energetic and happy pup!

Watch the video below and know more about these three inspiring dogs!

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