These Pups Grow A Lot Over 9 Months, But Their Love For Dinner Time Remains

Every night, two golden retriever pups named Colby and Bleu (yes, like the cheeses) make a mad dash into the kitchen for dinner. Over the course of nine months, their humans filmed them in slow motion making this run, and documented just how much these pups grew over the course of that relatively short time.

The result? A perfectly adorable time lapse, complete with dramatic music.

Of course, this video also proves how some things don’t change, like how dogs running on hardwood floors is always adorably awkward, and how the promise of food will always get a dog’s attention.

You can see more of life with Colby and Bleu on their YouTube channel, as well as on Instagram. Oh, and if you’re wondering about those spiral bowls, they’re “slow feed” bowls that keep dogs from snarfing down their food all in one gulp and can be purchased from Amazon.

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