These Service Dogs Are Adding Hope To The Lives Of Disabled People

When a person is born with a disability, as millions are each year, their day to day routines are disrupted. They often rely on the help of family members to do simple tasks like getting dressed for the day, opening doors and getting around.

Luckily, there are several organizations that train Assistance dogs who are able to add some joy and practical helpfulness into the lives of disabled individuals and their loved ones. The video below showcases a few relationships between people and their service dogs, and it’s truly moving.

One mom, whose 6 year-old son Aiden has Cerebral Palsy, explains that their family is excited for him to get a dog to help with logistics, but also because she knows Aiden will feel proud to have a best friend all his own.

The footage is part of a PBS series called Through A Dog’s Eyes, which featured relationships between service dogs and the humans they impacted.

It’s so amazing how much time, effort and love goes into training these animals to fulfill this amazing task. It truly warms my heart to see these talented pups help improve people’s lives! What did you think of the video?

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