These Soldiers Found 8 Dogs In Afghanistan. Now Watch What They Do To Bring Their Dogs HOME!

The average cost of rescuing a dog from Afghanistan is $4000, multiply that by the eight dogs and that’s a lot of money! They also worked with two other organizations, a shelter in Afghanistan and Between the three organizations and the help of his old teacher they were able to arrange for all eight dogs to be rescued and brought back to the US.

The dogs were put into quarantine for three months in Kabul Afghanistan shelter, and after some very generous donations the pups and mom were loaded on to a plane and began their 8000 mile journey from Dubai to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York., where Caba and his military brothers waited patiently for their arrival.

The reunion was captured on video and it is a video that will bring a big smile to your face and probably a few tears of joy as you see soldier Edwin Capa, and his veteran brothers greet their adopted rescue dogs. Sheba and her puppies instantly knew each of their ‘dads’ even after several months of being separated, an although the pups were a bit bigger and a few months older the pups love for their dad’s is evident to all lucky enough to witness and be a part of this amazing reunion. Listen to the solider as he goes into details about the almost miraculous rescue of his girl Cadence in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

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  1. Pam Hall Lange

    Thank you all for saving these dogs!! Great story happy tears. Thanks for sharing!! God Bless all these solders & there new dogs. Thank You all for your service!!

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