These Three Impressive Pooches Will Wow You With Their Canine Skills.

Prepare to be wowed! These three superdogs will make your jaw drop! Everyone, meet Jumpy, Crazy Confetti, and Naki’O! Jumpy, is a Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix. And this superdog follows around 85 commands! He can do amazing flips and jumps! He can even jump from the roof of their house! Crazy Confetti is a 5-year-old dog who can leap 4 feet high! And she knows around 100 tricks! She can do backflips, handstands, and many more!

Last but not the least is Naki’o! Naki’o is a 5-year-old Red Heeler mix, and he’s the first bionic dog! He may not do a lot of tricks, but he is inspiring and touching the hearts of many.

Watch the video below and see these three superdogs in action!

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