They Brought A New Toy To The Dog Park And The Dog’s Reaction Is HILARIOUS!

Our dogs need socialization and exercise. And the best way to do both is to bring them to the dog park where they can meet, socialize, and play with other dogs. There might be one problem with that though, cos some dogs love the dog park so much they don’t ever want to leave! Just like that Golden Retriever who did everything he can to convince his human to stay longer at the park! Or that Husky who kept on complaining when his owner said that it’s time to leave the dog park!

Speaking of dog parks, did you know that there’s a new way to exercise your dogs in the dog park? These people brought a remote control car at the dog park and the dogs’ reaction was hilarious! All the dogs were united in chasing the remote control car around the dog park! Watch the video below!

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