They Couldn’t Bear The Loss Of Their Dog, So They Did Something Drastic

Laura and Richard’s dog — a beautiful boxer named Dylan — recently passed away from a terminal illness, and it broke their hearts. After he passed, they remembered hearing about someone who had cloned their dog. Without missing a beat, they decided to look into the possibility of recreating their canine companion.

The pair is from Yorkshire, England, and they connected with a firm in South Korea that agreed to carry out the procedure for them. After a few weeks, they witnessed the rebirth of their beloved Dylan.

These people had a very special connection to their dog, so it’s pretty incredible that they’ll be able to rekindle that bond now that Dylan’s adorable clone has come into the world. It’s fascinating to see what scientists can do these days. It will only be a matter of time before we start cloning humans…and that’s insanely scary. Still, we wish Richard, Laura, and their new buddy all the happiness in the world!

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