They Expected A Mother Dog & Her 3 Pups Instead They Found THIS

When Hope For Paws was called about a family of 4 dogs living in a steel yard in Compton, California, everyone assumed it was a mother dog caring for her three little pups.


Lisa Arturo and Eldad Hagar, Founder of Hope For Paws, went to the yard to try and capture the family.


They quickly found the puppies, but the adult wasn’t seen immediately. Then, they saw it in one of the pipes.


Although skittish, the adult allowed Hagar to pick it up when he got near. The puppies were a bit harder to catch, having never had human contact. With the third puppy running scared from the property.


Finally, they caught the last pup and reunited the family in a large crate.


At the vet office, they realized the caring mom was actually a caring DAD!

The mom was never seen, though the worker’s will call Hope For Paws if she is sighted.

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