They Found This Injured Pup Shaking In The Bushes…But She Wasn’t Alone

Hope For Paws helps countless abandoned animals find a second chance at happiness through their incredible rescue efforts. Each case tugs on our heartstrings and makes us wonder what kind of cruel human could ever put a helpless, adorable creature through so much pain.

When the organization recently received a call about an injured, homeless dog roaming the streets at night in search of food, they discovered why she was so reluctant to leave her terrible conditions.

Burrowed deep in some bushes on the side of the road, she was clearly suffering an eye injury on top of malnutrition.


After a closer look, the rescuers were shocked to see she wasn’t alone: she had three little puppies.


It took a lot of convincing, but they were eventually able to coax her through an opening they cut out of the brush.


One by one, they brought out each little pup, showing them to their worried mama as she anxiously watched over the volunteers.


The whole family was taken into their shelter, where they’re currently waiting for someone to give them a forever home.


Watch the video below to see the whole heartwarming rescue:

The poor mama’s eye injury was most likely caused by blunt force trauma, a sad reminder of her tragic past owner. Here’s hoping none of these sweet faces have to experience that pain ever again.

Head over to the Hope For Paws website and Facebook for more info on how you can help save more lives just like these cuties.

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  1. monica

    She is a awesome mother and take her babies.It is sad that her eye is injury but know she save and her babies.These people are hero save animals it is wonderful.Hope For Paws I love when they save the animals special when they need help.Special when people are there for them she was happy to get in the car with her babies she feel the kinds in love from them and save I hope that people see these video and help raise money to help them out it be so great.

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