They Gave This Rescued Pitbull The Play Of Her Life With 100 Tennis Balls

What’s your dog’s most favorite thing in the world? Most dogs love tennis balls! They just love to play fetch with it, chase it, and even hold it in their mouths while sleeping. So when this dog was brought to a tennis court with all the tennis balls for her to play with, it was just dog heaven for her!

Her name is Buttons, and she had the time of her life at the tennis ball court! She got to play with all the tennis balls thrown by the tennis ball machine! With all the balls, and with all that space to run around, she’s in absolute doggy heaven! You’ll see how happy she is chasing the balls and running around! Watch her having tons of fun in the video below!

That sure was fun, wasn’t it? Every dog deserves to have fun just like Buttons!

Would your dog love to have this kind of fun? Leave a comment below!

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