They Heard Cries From Behind This Wall. What They Pull Out? OMG!!

We’ve said it before, and we shall say it once again: Heaven has a special place for firefighters who save dogs. These courageous heroes put themselves at risk to rescue not just human lives, but the lives of our pets as well. We’ve seen plenty of photos of firemen saving dogs, and there are a lot of rescue videos too! Just like that dramatic video of firefighters reviving the dogs they rescued from a burning house.

In the video below, you’ll see another dramatic rescue. There may not be any fire involved here, but these firemen came to the aid of a dog in trouble. Residents called the Los Angeles County fire department when they saw a dog trapped between a house and a brick wall. When the firefighters arrived, they had to think and use unconventional methods to rescue the dog that had fallen into a six-inch-wide gap. Watch the raw video of the rescue below!

The poor thing must be so terrified. Thankfully, the firefighters got him out safely. The dog’s family was found, and their dog was reunited with them safe and sound. These firefighters are truly awesome! Share this amazing rescue!

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