They Let Their Boxers Meet The Newborn Baby And Something Absolutely Precious Happens

What’s cuter than a dog video? A dog video with babies or kids in it! And we love the precious moment when a dog meets the baby for the first time! They get so curious at first, and then you’ll see them fall in love with the baby. Some of them would even get so protective! Just like that video of a German Shepherd protecting the baby from a very curious Husky!

In the video below, you’ll see two Boxers meeting the baby for the first time. This has gotta be one of the sweetest and most precious video we’ve ever seen. Meet Macey and Vanda, two beautiful Boxers who are about to meet the new member of the family! Their reaction when they first saw the baby is just so sweet! It’s like love at first sight! Watch the adorable video below!

Wasn’t that the sweetest? The look on their faces as they gazed upon that beautiful baby is just so sweet! That baby is so lucky to have two best friends!

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