They Sacrificed Their Bachelor Party To Save Sick Puppies They Found In Woods

In the middle of a bachelor celebration in Tennessee, eight males had gathered at Mitchel Craddock’s bachelor party in the woods. As they worked on the barbecue, they were startled by a furry visitor at their door!

The men were shocked to encounter a trembling and unhealthy dog standing on their doorstep with the most pitiful eyes they had ever seen. They felt for the dog and gave her something to eat, yet she remained apprehensive as she kept pushing the men for additional assistance.

The men learned that the poor ‘mama’ dog had just given birth, but her milk had dried up as a result of starvation. Mitchel and his pals chose the name Annie for the puppy and planned to explore the forest with her. Sure enough, Annie led them to a dangerous hole where 7 tiny, scared puppies were burrowed in deep with no escape!

The generous individuals immediately canceled their bachelor party plans and decided to spend their beer money on saving the canines. The family rushed the flea-infested pups to a veterinarian, where they were treated. They used up the rest of their party money on dog food!

Because there were 8 men and 8 dogs, one of the buddies adopted each of Annie and her pups. The friends live within 5 miles of one another, so they often socialize while the delighted dog family enjoys its reunions!

This is unquestionably one of the most entertaining bachelor party stories we’ve ever heard! ❤️ Click the video below to watch how this bachelor party turned into a puppy-rescue operation!

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