They Setup a Secret Camera To See Their Dogs While They Were Away. The Result Was Crushing.

Do you leave your dogs alone at home? Do you know what he/she does when you leave?
We’ve featured a video before where a guy attached a camera to his dog before he left the house. He wanted to see what his dog does when he left him alone at home. And what we saw just broke our hearts.
These people did the same thing. They setup a hidden camera in the house so they can check on their dogs’ behavior when they’re left alone at home. When they reviewed the footage, what they saw made them cry. The dogs were howling. Most of them couldn’t relax, they just pace around the house looking for their humans. It seems like they were really lonely. Check out the video below.

I’d probably cry too if I see my dog crying for me! What would you have done if you were on their shoes? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!


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  1. monica

    They love there pets and I would like what are pet does when we go out too.I know it hard because it makes everybody that has a pet upset special when your pet love you so much.

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